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Invasive Species Project Examples: Pacific Southwest

Community-Based Restoration, Save The Bay San Francisco

Save The Bay works to restore Bay habitat at significant scale, both through advancing sound science and by securing the funding necessary for these projects.

Invasive Species Control, Galveston Bay Foundation

The Texas gulf coast is host to a number of exotic species that you may be familiar with, some of the most notorious and invasive of these being fire ants, grass carp, nutria, Hydrilla, water...

Removing Lawn to Make Way for More Habitat

So, you’re interested in decreasing the size of your lawn. We can help. This article discusses several tried and true ways people remove lawn. From small patches to whole lawns–these techniques will...

Salinas River State Beach Dune Restoration Project, Central Coast Wetlands Group, CA

Salinas River beach dunes provide a natural barrier to thousands of acres of low-lying farms and wetlands. However, ice plant and other invasive plants have over-stabilized the dunes, making them...

San Francisco Bay Sea Lavender Control, California Invasive Pest Council

Cal-IPC and partners are removing Algerian and European sea lavenders to protect San Francisco Bay tidal marshes. There are about 50 known locations around the bay. They are both hand pulling this...

The San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project

The San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project is a coordinated regional effort among local, state and federal organizations dedicated to preserving California’s extraordinary coastal...

The South Central Coast Eradication Project

The South Central Coast Eradication Project targeted five invasive plant species for region-wide eradication in the South Central Coast region (San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties): Canada...

The Threat of Invasive Species, TED-Ed

Massive vines that blanket the southern United States, climbing high as they uproot trees and swallow buildings. A ravenous snake that is capable of devouring an alligator. Rabbit populations that...

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