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Wildlife & Fish Habitat Project Examples: Northeast / Mid-Atlantic

A Race Against Time Documentary

This program documents the effort to restore and monitor the Delaware Bay beaches which suffered severe erosion from Super Storm Sandy in 2012. The video was shot between March and July of 2013. This...

Anacostia/West Chesapeake Project, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

This project improved water quality and habitat in heavily developed areas. Partners planted over 50 acres of urban riparian forest buffers, located sites for stream restoration projects, made...

Barriers to Fish Migration

Learn about how fish populations struggle from barriers preventing them from reaching the upstream habitat where they breed and grow and what NOAA is doing to help.

Building a Stronger Coast: Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Prime Hook is one of the largest coastal marsh restoration projects on the Atlantic Coast. Supported by federal funding for Hurricane Sandy recovery, the project restores 4,000 acres of coastal marsh...

Clear Creeks Project, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, MD

Since 2013, the Clear Creeks Project team has installed 256 rain barrels and 104 conservation gardens, removed 46,507 pounds of trash from streams, planted 2,112 trees on 17 acres, and engaged 3,385...

High-Tech Culvert Completed at Wreck Pond

A high-tech culvert, designed to make Wreck Pond healthier and help protect nearby residents from flooding, has been completed.

Hopewell Restoration Project, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

This restoration project, currently underway in Hopewell, VA, will help reduce routine flooding and improve water quality. It is adding green infrastructure that will allow rainwater to slow down and...

How to Build a Beach: Recovering From Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, conservationists in the Delaware Bay region raced against the clock to restore decimated beaches in time for the arrival of nesting horseshoe crabs and the migratory...

Mechumps Creek Restoration, Randolph-Macon College and Town of Ashland, VA

Phase 1 of this project included restoring 1,200 feet of Mechumps Creek. However, poor water quality due to runoff from nearby parking lots kept fish from using the restored area. Phase 2 restored an...

New Jersey’s Hidden Coast

Discover New Jersey’s Hidden Coast – the Delaware Bayshore – and hear about the real value of horseshoe crabs, the challenges to the ecosystem, and the potential for a thriving...

Red River Marsh Restoration, Cape Cod Chronicle

The town of Harwich and the Cape Cod Water Resources Restoration Project are planning to replace culverts to revitalize a salt marsh behind Red River Beach. The Cape Cod Chronicle’s Alan...

Restoring Oyster Reefs in Chesapeake Bay, Sea Grant Documentary

Originally titled “From the Bottom Up,” this features the importance of Chesapeake Bay oyster reef restoration.

SAGE Searchable Project Database

This database contains multiple coastal resilience projects around the nation, including Living Shorelines for shoreline stabilization, habitat restoration, and floodplain management. Each project...

Save The Bay Eelgrass Restoration, Save the Bay Narragansett

Underwater footage of a healthy Narragansett Bay eelgrass bed.

Sunken Meadow Restoration, Save the Sound

Restoration included removing an earthen berm to restore tidal connection to marsh habitat, restoring 3.5 acres of salt marsh with native plants, retrofitting an 18-acre parking lot with green...

Swinomish clam garden lays a foundation for future generations

The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community is reviving the ancient Indigenous mariculture practice of clam gardening. The rock wall of the sea garden traps sediment creating habitat and increasing species...

Trees for Tribs, Hudson River Estuary, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The program offers free native trees and shrubs for planting projects near streams in the Hudson River estuary watershed.

Wreck Pond Aquatic Connectivity Restoration

​This project builds upon previous restoration work to further increase the ecological and community resiliency in and around Wreck Pond, a 73-acre coastal lake located on the border of Spring Lake...

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