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Invasive Species Project Examples: Southeast

Battling an Invasive Plant Species at Carolina Beach State Park

How Phragmites , an invasive non-native plant, is being managed in North Carolina.

Coastline Restoration Project Removes Invasive Plants

A brief news story about students removing invasives and planting native plants in Florida.

Green Invaders

Students discuss what invasive plants are, including interviews with experts and neighbors.

Hydrilla Management, Eno River, NC

Eno River Hydrilla Project: targeted treatment to eradicate  Hydrilla.

Hydrilla: An Emerging Concern

A video from the NC SeaGrant about a beach community treating Hydrilla.

Native Plants Along North Carolina Coast

A conservation horticulturalist and invasive species specialist discusses invasive animals and plants found along North Carolina’s coast, the scope of the problem, and what each one of us can do...

North Carolina Aquatic Nuisance Program

North Carolina Aquatic Nuisance Program aligns efforts and coordinates other related plans. The plan itself contains case studies of projects.

Shallow Coral Reef Habitat

Coral reefs are underwater structures built by tiny sea animals. Hard corals, which have a stone-like skeleton, grow into reefs on the edges of tropical islands and continents. Their beautiful shapes...

South Carolina Invasive Weed Plan

South Carolina Invasive Weed Plan provides statewide coordination in protecting marine and freshwater resources from adverse impacts arising from existing aquatic invasive species and those that...

St. Simons Elementary School Native Garden, GA

In the fall of 2016, the Spanish Garden at St. Simons Elementary School was converted to a native habitat garden.  This was the result of a joint project between St. Simons Elementary PTA, Coastal...

Why Hunt and Eat Lionfish?

Lionfish do not belong in this part of the world. They are eating everything they can get their mouths on, spreading faster than a plague of locusts. Lionfish are consequently destroying the...

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