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Wildlife & Fish Habitat Project Examples: Southeast

Coral Restoration Foundation, Planting Staghorn Corals

Ken Nedimyer talks the Coral Restoration Foundations coral nursery and learns how they plant staghorn corals on the reefs of Key Largo, Florida.

Florida Keys Coral Restoration Project, The Nature Conservancy

Tens of thousands of staghorn corals are grown in underwater nurseries and then planted in degraded reefs. Nearly 10,000 colonies have been established, with first-year survival rates averaging above 80%.

Giving Dead Reefs New Life with Fast-Growing Corals, PBS News Hour

The world’s coral reefs are in perilous danger due to overfishing, pollution, and climate change. However, a team of scuba-diving scientists has developed a groundbreaking method for speeding up...

Lower Cape Fear River Blueprint, North Carolina Coastal Federation

The Lower Cape Fear River Blueprint project includes collaborative planning efforts to protect, manage, and restore the natural resources of the lower Cape Fear River.

North River Wetlands Preserve Restoration

North River Wetland Preserve presents farmland restoration project.

Restoring Florida’s Coastal Wetlands: A Successful Project for People and Nature

The St. Johns River Water Management District and its many partners have worked to reverse the damage done to coastal wetlands by dragline ditching, which also preserves or enhances the natural and...

SAGE Searchable Project Database

This database contains multiple coastal resilience projects around the nation, including Living Shorelines for shoreline stabilization, habitat restoration, and floodplain management. Each project...

Shallow Coral Reef Habitat

Coral reefs are underwater structures built by tiny sea animals. Hard corals, which have a stone-like skeleton, grow into reefs on the edges of tropical islands and continents. Their beautiful shapes...

Smitherman’s Dam Removal and Little River Restoration Project, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Smitherman’s Dam Removal and Little River Restoration Project. Conservation in Action in the heart of North Carolina’s Piedmont.

Springer’s Point Living Shoreline, North Carolina Coastal Federation

The project restored a portion of the shoreline at the Springer’s Point Nature Preserve. It involved building a new sill of bagged oyster shells along the eroding edge of the shoreline, maintaining...

Stopping the Loss of Forested Coastal Wetlands, North Carolina Coastal Federation

NCCF filed a notice of intent to sue under the Clean Water Act to stop the illegal ditching and conversion of 251 acres of wetlands in Pamlico County. Local farmers had raised the alarm that an...

Williston Creek 8.8 Acre Marsh Restoration, North Carolina Coastal Federation

The restoration project included planting 2,006 plugs of wetland plants. The goal is to restore both salt marsh and tidal creek.

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