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Project Examples: All Regions

40+ Years of Wetland Restoration in the San Francisco Bay, Coastal Conservancy

The evolution of tidal wetland restoration approaches in SF Bay, illustrated by specific projects, such as Sonoma Baylands, the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, and Lower Walnut Creek and...

A Race Against Time Documentary

This program documents the effort to restore and monitor the Delaware Bay beaches which suffered severe erosion from Super Storm Sandy in 2012. The video was shot between March and July of 2013. This...

A River Reborn: Restoring Salmon Habitat Along the Duwamish River, NOAA Fisheries

Just south of Seattle, the Boeing Company has created the largest habitat restoration project on the Lower Duwamish River. Boeing worked with NOAA and their partners under a Natural Resource Damage...

A Tour of Living Shorelines in Delaware

Throughout this map, you will find information on living shorelines that have been installed in Delaware.

Adopt a Tree, Miami-Dade County

The program provides homeowners with two free trees every year. More than 200,000 trees have been adopted since the program began in 2001.

Alamance Community College Innovative Stormwater Management, Piedmont Conservation Council, NC

This stormwater management project includes two major components: bioretention areas in parking lot islands and rainwater harvesting from a shop building to irrigate a greenhouse. The two...

Anacostia/West Chesapeake Project, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

This project improved water quality and habitat in heavily developed areas. Partners planted over 50 acres of urban riparian forest buffers, located sites for stream restoration projects, made...

Aquatic Invasive Species

An educational video geared towards boat owners about what invasive species are and what can be done in New Hampshire.

Barriers to Fish Migration

Learn about how fish populations struggle from barriers preventing them from reaching the upstream habitat where they breed and grow and what NOAA is doing to help.

Battling an Invasive Plant Species at Carolina Beach State Park

How Phragmites , an invasive non-native plant, is being managed in North Carolina.

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