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Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Tools & Resources

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Tools and Resources


Tools and Resources

Step 1
  • The 16 page booklet, Managing Invasives in Natural Areas, Parks, and Small Woodlands (PDF) is available on-line in PDF format. This brochure discusses management and control methods of invasives for land managers.
  • The 12 page booklet, Marsh Invader! How to identify and combat one of Virginia’s most invasive plants: Phragmites (PDF), is available on-line in PDF format. This guidebook discusses the reasons and methods for controlling Phragmites, with information targeted to Virginia landowners.
  • Use this interactive story map to explore data from the Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative (MIMIC), find descriptions of monitored species, and learn more about the program.
  • A pocket guide, from Penn State Extension, can help you select native alternatives for your water garden and avoid plants and animals likely to escape and cause problems. It features invasive species and their native alternatives, which are known to be native in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Key Search Terms to Try

Restoration projects may need a range of expertise and resources in areas such as the ones listed below. You may find expertise through local non-governmental organizations working on the issue, government agencies (local, state, or federal), local businesses, or others. Type these into your search engine along with your city or state to find information for your area:


  • Shoreline restoration design
  • Invasive species
  • Native vegetation
  • Erosion control, stabilization, sedimentation
  • Shoreline permitting
  • Ecology: estuarine, marine, shoreline, wetland, invasive
  • Phragmites, Green crab
  • Monitoring
  • Wetland mapping
  • Volunteer recruitment and management
  • Grant writing and reporting
  • Budget development

Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Project Resources:

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