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Flooding Project Examples: All Regions

A Cape Cod Rain Garden

Everyone should have a rain garden! Here’s a short presentation by Kristin Andres, associate director for education at the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, about the value rain gardens and how...

Alaska’s Environmentally Threatened Communities

144 communities in Alaska are threatened by flooding, erosion, and permafrost degradation. The Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys tracks data and tools for decision making.

California Flooding: Unleashing the Power of Nature to Combat Floods

River Partners is restoring, reconnecting, and expanding California’s riverways and floodplains to better accommodate floodwaters and help keep communities safe, while providing a range of...

Climate Change Impacts for Coastal Communities

Sea level rise is already redrawing coastlines around the world. What happens when the coast retreats through a major city? We look at how the world map will change in the year 2100, and what coastal...

Creatively Managing Stormwater

A stormwater problem in the Cotuit Library’s parking lot was solved with thinking creatively! A bioretention garden was designed to capture the stormwater runoff for treatment by plants and...

Flood Action Alexandria

Flood Action Alexandria is the City’s comprehensive initiative to address flooding issues. This story map describes current flooding, significant causes of flooding, how Alexandria’s...

Floodplain redesign delivers downstream benefits for all

Southeast Washington project will restore fish habitat and reduce flood risk.

Floods 101, National Geographic

No natural disaster in America has caused more death and destruction than floods.

High-Tech Culvert Completed at Wreck Pond

A high-tech culvert, designed to make Wreck Pond healthier and help protect nearby residents from flooding, has been completed.

Hopewell Restoration Project, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

This restoration project, currently underway in Hopewell, VA, will help reduce routine flooding and improve water quality. It is adding green infrastructure that will allow rainwater to slow down and...

New Jersey’s Hidden Coast

Discover New Jersey’s Hidden Coast – the Delaware Bayshore – and hear about the real value of horseshoe crabs, the challenges to the ecosystem, and the potential for a thriving...

NOAA Study Shows Coastal Flooding Events Likely to Increase 25-Fold by 2030

A 2010 study shows there are more than 14 million Floridians living in coastal zones. A recent study by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says a sea-level rise of 3...

Riverside County’s Low-Impact Development Program, 2012

It does not rain much in Riverside County, but when it does, it can all fall at the same time, creating the potential for flash floods. The Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation...

SAGE Searchable Project Database

This database contains multiple coastal resilience projects around the nation, including Living Shorelines for shoreline stabilization, habitat restoration, and floodplain management. Each project...

Stormwater Upgrades Sustain Record-Breaking Flood in Two Harbors, MN

Two Harbors, MN withstood a major flood event following the installation of 3 flood control basins, 2 stream bank stabilization projects, 1 rain garden, and a Two Harbors Urban Forest Management Plan...

Waterfront Parks Designed to be Flooded

Waterfront parks are communal recreational spaces that are intentionally designed to be flooded with minimal damage during storm or flood events.

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