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Wildlife & Fish Habitat Project Examples: Great Lakes

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Coastal Wetland Restoration Success Stories

Great Lakes coastal wetlands exist in severely altered watersheds and landscapes that can result in degraded wetland conditions and management actions required to maintain biologically diverse...

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Project, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This EPA project controlled over 90% of Phragmites that had degraded Wisconsin’s coastal areas.

Healing Our Waters, Great Lakes Coalition

The Coalition’s website has dozens of success stories about habitat restoration and improvements in water quality.

Rethink War on Dandelions and Wildflowers in Search for ‘Perfect Lawn’

EarthKeepers II and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

SAGE Searchable Project Database

This database contains multiple coastal resilience projects around the nation, including Living Shorelines for shoreline stabilization, habitat restoration, and floodplain management. Each project...

Stony Island Habitat Restoration Project

Friends of the Detroit River (FDR) received funding from NOAA to restore Stony Island. The project provides ecological outcomes specific to removing fish and wildlife Beneficial Use Impairments...

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